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Konicom computer repair services Computer Repair and Services

At Konicom, our promise is to be “the one place for all your computer service needs.” The backbone of this promise lies in our wide range of computer repair services. Listed below are just a few examples of computer services we can provide for you and your business:
Computer Installation and Repair
  • Custom Built Computer Systems (Windows desktops and Servers)
  • Home Office Computer Equipment Setup and Configuration
  • Laptop and Desktop Repair and Upgrades (PC and Mac)
Sometimes the key to a positive user experience is having the right computer setup right from the start. If you’re looking to get a new computer but you’re not sure what to get, our team of experienced technicians can make the best recommendation for your needs. Whether it’s for running a business, editing videos, or just browsing the internet, Konicom can provide you a free quote for a custom built computer system that meets your needs from the day you start using it. We also provide custom built servers for small to mid-sized businesses.

If you are looking to run your business from home, the last thing you want to deal with is having problems connecting all your computer equipment together. Konicom offers onsite computer equipment setup for desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, and much more so you never have to worry if anything is plugged in wrong. Giving business owners one less thing to worry about is something our technicians do every day.

For those who are attached to their current computer, our Sacramento computer repair shop offers a full set of computer services to help your computer run faster, or just get it running again. No matter what the problem is, our computer repair technicians can diagnose the problem and offer a solution that meets your budget. Whether you need a hardware upgrade or just general laptop/desktop computer repair, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your computer comes back to you just the way you want it.


Virus Removal and System Optimization
  • Virus, Spyware and Popup Removal
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software Installation
  • Software and hardware Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • General PC Cleanup and Optimization
In this day and age, the internet can be a dangerous place. New threats like viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware are being developed every day. Symptoms include overall slowness, popup windows, random error messages, and files that just won’t open. At Konicom our computer repair service technicians can troubleshoot all types of problems and in most cases solve them by the following business day. Our virus removal, popup removal, and system optimization procedures help your system to run as good as new. In addition, we also provide antivirus software and best-practice recommendations to ensure you can avoid future problems before they happen.


Computer Networking Services
  • Wireless Network Setup for Home & Office
  • Shared Network Device Setup (printers, scanners, NAS drives, etc.)
  • Network Firewall Security Implementation
  • VPN Setup for Secure Remote Access
With the expansion of the Internet, cloud-based computing, and smart phones, it is more important than ever nowadays to always stay connected. For those who need help creating or upgrading a wireless network, Konicom offers onsite wireless network setup services for home and small to medium sized offices. Our computer networking service specialists can evaluate your office space and provide a recommendation that maximizes network speed, reliability, and security.

Security in particular is one topic that can be often overlooked when setting up a home network. Many home network devices are configured using the default security and password settings, which can leave your network and personal information vulnerable to an outside attacker. In addition, remote computer access has also increased in popularity but leaves your system open to attack if configured improperly. With our years of experience in firewall security and secure VPN remote access, Konicom’s team of computer service experts can help you set up a network that is not only fast and reliable, but also helps keep your personal data out of harm’s way.

Our list of computer services doesn’t stop there. As technology evolves each day, our computer skills and services continue to grow and expand so we can fulfill our promise to be “the one place for all your computer service needs.” From computer repair to virus removal, computer network setup, custom built computers, and even data recovery services and Search Engine Optimization- if you need any kind of computer service just stop by or call Konicom today at (916) 441-7373 and see what we can do for you.

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