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Konicom business e-mail and Web hosting services Business E-mail and Web Hosting Services

Konicom offers email hosting services for both business and personal users. While we understand that free email hosting exists with many large providers like MSN and Google, our email hosting services are geared for customers who need a more customizable and professional email experience. Our technicians will help you create personal business e-mail accounts (ie YourName@YourDomain.com) and even migrate old emails from an existing email account. They can also help you configure an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or mobile device to access your email account. If you ever have any issues with your email account, technical assistance is just a phone call away.

At Konicom we understand that email is an integral part of managing your business. To help your business run smoothly, our email hosting services include features like automatic forwarding, auto-reply messages, email groups, email address blacklisting and whitelisting and more. Our hosting plans include POP and Microsoft Exchange accounts, and domain-wide spam email filters are also available. Unlike many free E-mail providers that provide minimal technical support, you can talk to a live technician at Konicom during our business hours at (916) 441-7373 for any kind of email issue, big or small.

In addition to email hosting, Konicom also offers Web site hosting for both static and dynamic Web sites with database integration. Our technicians can help you every step of the way when starting your own website: including registering your domain(s), transferring the domain host, developing the Web site(s), and of course hosting and maintaining your Web site(s). Web site traffic reports are also available upon request.

For our web development and web hosting customers, we also provide Search Engine Optimization services (SEO). Please click here for more information. Please note that all web sites with SEO need to be hosted on our servers for strategic implementation.
Business E-mail Service Pricing

POP E-mail Hosting Minimum of 5 e-mail addresses (Includes Anti Spam and Anti Virus)
25 MB $1.25 ea / month
50 MB $1.50 ea / month
100 MB $2.00 ea / month
250 MB $4.25 ea / month
500 MB $5.25 ea / month
1 GB $6.75 ea / month
2 GB $8.75 ea / month
10 GB $12.75 ea / month

Microsoft Exchange E-mail Hosting (Minimum of 3 e-mail addresses)
First 15 E-mail Accounts $12.95 ea / month
Thereafter $10 ea / month

Robust E-mail Spam Filter for Microsoft Exchange
25 users $50 / month
30 users $60 / month
35 users $70 / month
40 users $80 / month
45 users $90 / month
50 users $100 / month
75 users $150 / month
100 users $200 / month


Web Hosting Services
Custom Web Design $200 per page, or call to get a quote on a per project basis
Web Application Development $110 / hr, or call to get a quote on a per project basis
Web Site Maintenance $110 / hr, or call to get a quote on a per project basis
Web Site Hosting $19.95 ea / month, non-database
$49.95 ea / month with database

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