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Konicom data recovery services Data Recovery & Data Security

Konicom ISO 5 / class 100 certified cleanroomKonicom recognizes that data is a critical asset to our customers' business. As a result, Konicom employs sophisticated data recovery tools to help customers retrieve their data in the events of a hard drive crash. Our data recovery experts have accumulated more than 23 years of experience in disaster recovery. We are confident in recovering data from hard drives with physical damage and/or mechanical failure, as long as the disk is free of scratches. Our ISO 5 / class 100 certified cleanroom allows us to work on data recovery cases that require hard drive parts repair or replacement in a dust-free environment. We specialize in SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS and RAID array data recovery, including software configured and hardware configured RAID data recovery. We also provide emergency data recovery when the data is crucial to business operation. Our online Work Status portal allows customers to check their data recovery status 24/7.

"No data, no charge" is our slogan. If we cannot recover the data that is pertinent to you, you will not be charged. Our charges for data recovery are based on time and effort spent on the recovery process, not on the quantity of data recovered. To learn more information about our data recovery services, click the link to visit our Data Recovery Center. Click Here for a quick pricing reference.

In addition, as a preventive measure, Konicom offers Automatic Secure Remote Data Backup service which helps protect against loss of data. For as little as $10/mo (up to 10 GB of data, upgrade available), you'll never again have to worry about data loss because of a hard drive crash or system failure. We can also help you set up mirror (redundant) hard drives to minimize business downtime in the event of a disaster.

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Here is a list of our data recovery and related services highlights:
  • Data Recovery Services:

    • Disaster Recovery
    • Lost Partition
    • Lost or Deleted Data Recovery
    • Data Lost Due to Operating System Upgrade
    • Blue Screen
    • Bad Sectors
    • Formatted / Reformatted Data Recovery
    • Fire or Water Damage Data Recovery
    • E-mail Recovery
    • Data Rescue
    • Hard Drive Crash Data Recovery
    • Mechanical Failure (Hard drive making clicking, grinding, ticking noises)
    • Bad Read Head
    • Damaged File Structure Data Recovery
    • LBA Translator Problem
    • PCB Problem
    • Firmware Corruption Data Recovery
    • RAID Data Recovery
    • Microsoft Exchange Data Recovery
    • Server Hard Drive (Mirroring, Striping, RAID, Spanned Volume) Data Recovery
    • PC Desktop Hard Drive ( IDE / SATA / SCSI / SAS ) Data Recovery
    • Macintosh Desktop Data Recovery
    • Laptop (PC and Mac) Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • CDs, DVDs, Floppy and Zip Disks Data Recovery
    • Flash memory (Memory Stick, Compact Flash, Smart Media, Secure Digital, etc.) Data Recovery
    • SD Card (Sandisk, Camera Memory Card / Chip) Picture Recovery
    • Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Synology Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • IBM Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Samsung Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Iomega Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Buffalo Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • Lacie Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan
  • Internet Security

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